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Vimal Ramkylas

The Imperfect Coach

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"Other than rocket science, nothing is rocket science." Vimal Ramkylas

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About me

Creative & experienced general management executive & aspiring entrepreneur, with a flair for strategy, integrated supply chain management, system implementation and enhancement, & project management.

All this means is that I have tried a lot of stuff & I plan to try a whole lot more.

I have made a great success of some, & I have created a ton of learning opportunities (others call them mistakes). Hence "The Imperfect Coach"

My favourite description of me is “Livash’s and Rineya’s dad”.


I have built a career on keeping an open mind to learning and taking the opportunities I have been blessed to have received from those who believed in me.
I have served on the executive teams of several large South African and Multinational Companies, and have led several large teams through transformation initiatives.

My biggest achievement to date is mustering up the courage to (try to) live my life, on my terms. Wish me luck!

I continue to learn with an open mind and I back myself…

My Goals

To bring to life the ideas that have lived only in my head until now.

To be an amazing father.

To be the " The Imperfect Coach" and help others through my "Learning Opportunities".

More importantly, to help others realise that their potential is endless and help them grow through effort, and the creation of their own "Learning Opportunities".

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