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Russell Jacob


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All's well that ends well

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About me

Born in kwaZulu Natal, South Africa, a simple farm boy forced into the city to follow a career in Chartered Accountancy. Hated it, but learnt a lot. However, I failed miserably at life, never quite finding my feet until much later.

Travelled extensively, spending many years working abroad.

Divorced with twin boys and now recently married to the most amazing woman with a beautiful young stepdaughter.

Now loving life.


Made, I think, most of the mistakes one can make in life. The key is to learn from these!

Saved one of South Africa's large distribution companies from bankruptcy.

Helped many people on the road to financial freedom.

Received many company top achiever awards for my efforts.

My Goals

To help people get back on track to enjoy a happy, fulfilling life through personal development/growth and financial freedom by taking advantage of the alternative investment opportunities in the crypto space.

Know that this is possible because I have already done it!

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