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General FAQs


What is Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is a digital community that facilitates meaningful online connections by allowing more people to share their time, skills and experience by consulting online. We all have unique skills and talents to share so we provide the "stage" for people to collaborate online while also respecting time as the one true global currency.

Why does Higher Ground exist?

While technology makes a face-to-face video chat possible, there are many other factors that block people from connecting with the real change-makers in society, your favourite artist or a world-class coach. We believe that a person's net-worth is directly proportional to their network, so while we are all born into different social circles, the common thread that bring our members together is their dedication to personal and collective growth.

How is Higher Ground different to other social media platforms?

In the age of "disruptors", Higher Ground is really a collaborator. We combine the strengths of many other platforms by working with them as opposed to replacing any in particular. This platform allows you to combine the strengths of a booking engine with video chat, payment gateway, social sharing and learning management to name a few. All this really means is that our members enjoy a single platform to make frictionless connections without the administration burden that they currently experience by using multiple platforms.

What is the difference between being a Member or an Expert?

Becoming a member of Higher Ground allows you to easily connect with others and provides you with access to a range of free tools, and content that support your personal growth. Becoming a member is free and can be done by simply signing up with your email address and password or with our one-click social-signup options here

Becoming an Expert of Higher Ground gives you access to all member benefits, plus being able to consult online and get paid for it. Our Experts don't just believe they have talents to share, they subscribe to the philosophy that we should be able to connect with anyone alive and they are leading the charge in making it happen. 

Becoming an Expert
How do I become an expert?

Becoming an expert can be done by applying to become an expert on the simple form found here

Why do I need to apply to become an expert?

Our panel experts apply to join Higher Ground so that we can assess their readiness to connect with others online or support them in digitizing their skills. In addition, an approval process is required to maintain a level of due diligence to protect our community members and the integrity of the site.  

What do I need to become an expert?

The best panel experts have a passion for helping others with an area of expertise that others could benefit from. Being an online community we also require:

  • a reliable internet connection

  • relevant qualifications to offer specialised skills 

  • A working webcam so others are able to see you when connecting